if japan can …why can’t we?

a TV program aired by NBC in 1980 started a quality revolution in the US.

it takes more than 20 years (!) for Americans to understand the secret of Japan’s greatness in manufacturing and products is actually coming from some American thinkers, most notably W. Edwards Deming and Joseph Juran.

today,  61 years after Deming’s teaching in summer 1950 for Japan engineers and managers, the question is does Deming & Juran teaching still relevant to today’s business?

my answer is YES.

their teaching on customer focus, appreciation of a system, appreciation of people, understanding of variations and its root causes, the principle of continuous improvement, the focus on long term over short term gain, in fact more relevant today than it was.

it is so basic, eventhough for many conventional thinking it looks counter-intuitive

it is not just about lean or six sigma or TQM or QCCC or ISO or others….it is about the passion to deliver the best product and services to the customers. it is about growth and sustainability

for my Indonesian fellows, please allow me to ask this question

if Japan can…why can’t we?

2 thoughts on “if japan can …why can’t we?

  1. ganeshmuthiah

    Simple article with strong points. I agree that Juran and deming are still relevant.

    The basic are the foundation for all quality tools being used by current generation of QA

  2. gede manggala

    Ganesh, can’t agree more. For Quality enthusiasts we must go back to the root developed especially by Deming and Juran.

    Regardless the hype and fade of some initiatives such as TQM, QCC, Six Sigma, etc…the basic is still relevant today and tomorrow



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