Could We Refresh Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge?

Deming’s thought is an interesting story. His thought seems quite easy to overlook, because it is too obvious or too idealist. While I am still in the early phase in understanding Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge, I am amazed by how the simple 4 principles: System Thinking, Understanding Variations, Theory of Knowledge and Psychology could help many great organisations today.

But, this is the challenge.

Whenever I talk about Deming, many people would have a look at me like someone who talks about Pink Floyd to people who are listening to Justin Bieber.

It’s like, “Dude, that was old stuff. Really old.”

But I am convinced myself that Deming’s thinking would be useful today (even more relevant!), and will be good to be introduced to younger generations (i.e Gen X, Gen Y, Millenia, or any other name that we could think people want to generalise any generations).

For younger generations in Indonesia, I want to present a fresh and fun version of Deming’s core principles. I summarised it in a book titledĀ The Coconut Principles.

It started to get attention by many readers, and now is starting the 2nd edition. The great part of it, many people say they like the simplicity of the principles. These are the same people who think Deming’s thinking is already too old :)

For me, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here, and to really see whether we could encourage people to actually DO the principles.

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